Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bad habits

U know what,I don't like with two things. Even those I dislike but I still do that.ALWAYS! I don't know why.
Maybe its true; "if we hate them,we can love them after". Oh man!! it cannot be.
Bad habits,please go away,I hate u!! -_-*
maybe it can be if I caught them slowly start by now? what do u think?
*u should did before laa yana..ISH..
Oke2 let me tell u my habits.huhu*seganpulak (don't laugh at me ok)
first one: attracting my hair be4 going sleep.for 2,3 hours. gile tk? Grrr botak la aku : (
second one: (i don't know how 2 translate this) Kopek bibir. my lips always dryness so don't know how automatic jari dah kt bibr, bole trus kopek tuu even dah bleed-ing.
Grrrrr help me!
Anyone have habits like me??what should I do? Leave me some tips okee..
p/s: hoping

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