Friday, September 24, 2010

dating on the earth

For the 1st time I post the scene of koren movie. Not bad story.
It is about the married life of a high school life of a couple . The husband is a high school student , starred by Yoochun and the wife is a class advisor , starred by So Hyon Jin. The other 4 members will be acted as Yoochun's classmates. Jaejoong will be acting as a transferred student who have lose his parents since young , was brought up in an orphanage. In the drama , Jaejoong will fallen in love for his class advisor [starred by So Hyon Jin] , then formed a love triangle relationship with Yoochun , class advisors husband .

DBSK's drama

very very love this scene..LOL
someone in my mind~

Yah! I had no more words to describe!

P/S:acc,SOMEONE requested me to watch this movie,so I did..
okayy I give four star out of five!

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